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Tough Mudder

2016 September 21
by Grenville

Help! I’m a 59 year old galloping to stay younger than my years, looking to do all those things that I though I could – should – have ticked off years ago.

So this is last ditch time…

Been in ‘training at Pinnacle with Fi Pocock (England Ladies Rugby team – Grrrr…) for a few weeks, so that I can get around a Tough Mudder course with a couple of others from Hamble Lifeboat.

We were just raising money for the Lifeboat


(It doesn’t receive any funds from the RNLI so its the Community of Hamble that supports this boat going out on average 100 times a year in all weathers to help others!)…

And then Alie died of MND. She was an old friend and one of the very best in the industry – and the events industry is just like a small family…

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is incurable. In most cases the patient remains completely conscious of all around them whilst the body gives up. This includes the lungs. So for many you end up slowly drowning and unable to do anything about it. Its no wonder that some/many MND sufferers opt for euthanasia.

All About Alie was set up by Alie and her Family to fund research into a cure for MND

So in a way the Lifeboat and AAA are both trying to stop the same thing – people drowning.

So the plan is to run, limp, crawl around this course on Saturday and raise money – some monies at least – that can then be split evenly between the two.

Both worthy. Both heart breaking in so many ways.

Can you help…?

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Expo 2020 Dubai Business Engagement

2015 May 6
by Grenville



With just a six week window the Bureau approached Outrageous and asked whether we would produce an event that sought to secure sponsors for Expo 2020. Guest numbers and venue options went up and down faster than a Circular Steam Switchback (look it up!).

Had to be symbolic – so where better to host it that at the centre of what will be transformed into the Expo site – Al Wasl.

Dates were put back, things were put on hold but on April 1 (Fool’s Day) it was game on. On Saturday 4 April we commenced work on-site!

On 21 April we delivered despite sand storms and 43 degrees of heat.

One Big Outstandingly Outrageous Team – they know who they are…

2015-04-20 Business Engagement Event






Expo 2020 – So how did we do…?

2014 February 28
by Grenville

Its always nice to get a little recognition…


“Grenville Houser of Outrageous is one of those rare events professionals who combines a flair for strategic and creative communications with exceptional delivery of live events. Outrageous was commissioned by Falcon and Associates to supply events services for the Expo 2020 bid in Dubai and Paris. These events both delighted our guests and helped to distinguish Dubai and the UAE from the competing countries.  Outrageous is now a trusted supplier with whom Falcon would seek to work going forward.  
Genevieve Keeley  
Communications Director, Expo 2020 Bid
Director, Corporate Development and Innovation, Falcon and Associates LLZ”

Thank you Genevieve…