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God willing…

2013 February 26
by admin

What an exhausting day – from the sublime to the completely ridiculous indeed…

But what made it for me and what maybe i’ll remember most about Tuesday 27 Feb was the conversation I just had in the hotel lift between floors 14 and 19 at 11:45 at the end of another long long day.

Hot tired middle aged business man in blue suit with poka-dot tie on way up to bed…

Lift stops and four young Emirati teenagers step in – three boys and a girl. Its the girl who’s more self assured and first notices the EXPO 2020 pin on my lapel.

“You with 2020!” She says.
“When? – when we find out?” she presses.
“In November.” I replied.
And she answers, satisfied but also with something far deeper , much more passionate. At me, to me, looking me straight between the eyes she simply says  – “Inshallah, Inshallah”.
It really meant something to this young girl of about 16/17. It wasn’t hype, it wasn’t spin. She cared. Made it all – all – all those long long stressy hours – worth it. Inshallah indeed.

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