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Hamble Lifeboat 2019

2020 January 9
by admin

You may know – you may not, that besides my work as an Event Producer, I’m also the Cox and Training Manager of Hamble Lifeboat. I also – when work is thin of the ground a Yachtmaster Instructor. I teach people to sail.

Hamble Lifeboat is crewed totally by volunteers. Is one of the top 10 – if not the top 5, busiest Lifeboats in the UK&I.

Hamble Lifeboat

Hamble is one of the 89 Independently run Lifeboats still in operation around the Coast. So whilst we work alongside the RNLI boats, we are not part of that illustrious Institution; neither do we have their funding or resources. So’s its a little bit harder for us to make ends meet. For instance… just found out that water has seeped into the three aft most cylinders of one of the engines. The whole thing has to come out and be rebuilt. Its about £15,000.00 or so. OUCH! We’ll all be putting our heads together on how we can raise a few extra pennies to help out. Anyone with any bright ideas PLEASE get in touch –

In the meantime – I put together a little review of the year for the crew… a look back on a busy 2019. Can’t show you the whole thing, as its huge and 21 mins long. However, part of that review was a look back at just one of the fund raising initiatives that we put into practice. We walked around the whole of the Isle of wight and visited all of the Search & Rescue organisations we could… 7 in total. Mileage. 78 miles over 3 days.

The Wight Wobble 2019

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