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McLaren Speedtail

2020 January 9
by admin

Back in October 2018 we were asked by Sprout to Produce the launch of the latest McLaren – the McLaren Speedtail. This was done in a complete hush hush at Bonhams Gallery in the heart of London, to a VERY bespoke audience, primarily those that had already bough the car without seeing it.

Came up with a really simply, but neat, idea to put the Car in the middle (McLaren brief was all about putting the Driver at the heart of everything…) and filling the surrounding walls (which just happened to be a mid grey felt) with projection.

VERY Little time to get-in. At the arrival of the car everyone was extremely jumpy – I think we constructed a tunnel betwixt truck and entrance in the end. Ha! and then the car tipped up SO late that the crew that had been in place had changed shift (24 hour working) and it took an age to find the Rigger with the key to the control to set the rig as car rolled into place.

“For the sake of the Nail, the shoe was lost…”

Funny how things have a habit of cascading… Anyway – all there in the end and the revealed worked just fine. No photos, no video – nada! Because it was all so sensitive…

The Speedtail

Since this happens SO often in our business – you find yourself with nothing to show for months of toil and stress – I am hugely envious of Architects! At least whatever you design/create, it has a shelf-life, for all to see and admire. If you’ve done a decent job it could be in place for years and years.

In the Corporate Events industry, your creation, your baby, disappears in hours and you are left bereft, with absolutely dick-all to show for it…

Looking back I must admit it was really good to meet and work with the design team at McLaren.

I only wish they’d design and build a Lifeboat for us! Ho-Hum…

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