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Some years ago I was doing a show for Accenture with Alex Gorman. One of the Plenary speakers said that the most precious thing you had was your address book and that you should guard it with your life! For years I’ve held that to be true, but now with cloud communications, social networking sites, Twitter etc, everything seems within reach and nothing seems hidden. So with that in mind I’d like to welcome you to our new Outrageous website!

It’s been a long time coming. The original served us extremely well for 10 years and for that I have to thank Stephen Bedster (he’s still out there living and working down in Cornwall – hi Stephen)

The new site has been built by Breakfast of Champions and Tom Houser – a BIG thank you to both Tom and the whole team at Breakfast

The idea is simply that the site should be a tool for all our stakeholders – all the freelancers that we work with on a day-to-day basis – the Production Companies who employ us and for all our clients and customers past, present and future.

There is an area – PEOPLE – that not only tells you a little about our background but also more importantly is an area for Freelancers. These are all people that we know and have worked with over the years – they are people we like, respect and happily recommend to others. We will be updating this all the time so hopefully it will grow and will become a directory and a networking tool.

There is also an area called FRIENDS & PARTNERS. These are supply Companies and Agencies that we have employed over the years and Production Houses that have employed us. There are all companies that we think are the best around. Again – we will be adding to this list over the coming months.

Some think we are mad – putting our addressbook on the web!  I don’t think so. Why? Because producing events is not so much about the building blocks themselves – its about how you put them all together.

Hope you enjoy the new site and would love to hear your feedback…


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