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GamesCom 18/19

2020 January 9
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by admin

Once again, apologises for the Radio silence… Sort of been hectically quiet! Never a minute but all the same market seems to flutuate like a Yo-yo… Lets have a quick look at some bits n’bobs…

For the past 2 years I have been commissioned by Envy Create to Produce the Bandai Namco Entertainment stands at GamesCom. Its been a great journey today – although I have to admit ‘Exhibitions’ are not my forte. But I have watch with intrigue the stellar rise of the Gaming Market. I wanted to see how Content had progressed. What amazed me was the passion and dedication of the attendees to Gaming and the lengths they go to in order to meld reality and fiction seamlessly. I was also – and logically I shouldn’t have been – surprised by the number of wheelchair bound players were present; from all across Europe, and I suspect further afield, that came, despite all and any obstacle. So last year (2019) I vowed that we would improve the stands to be even more wheelchair accessible. This year I am keen to really work on localised engagement that should start the moment they join the queues – wider if possible…

2019 largely followed the format of 2018. Bits I enjoyed… Well anything that creates the Game environment. I know everyone wants to ‘play’ the game – but you only get 15 mins or so, having queued lordy knows how long… Gamers come in their CosPlay costumes and they look for a way in which they can better ‘enter’ their World. So I like it when there’s a chance just to push that door a little more. One day maybe I’ll be given the opportunity to put a Battering-Ram to it! We’ll see.

Below is the wee tableaux that we put together for Little Nightmares II. I rather liked this…

Little Nightmares II

Expo 2020 – The Logo Launch

2018 March 16
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by Grenville

Time for a catch up… Its been over a year since we last updated our Blog and a lot has happened.

First the headlines.

Outrageous were asked to produce the launch event for Expo 2020 Dubai’s new logo back in March 2016 (oh so long ago…).

The Stage and auditorium – Expo 2020 Dubai logo launch on March 27, 2016 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. (Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Expo 2020)

We looked at private sites and possible public venues. Again it all had to be achieved in a time frame… Initial meeting took place behind locked doors on Sunday 14 Feb. Show day was set (and then changed a couple of times) and finally took place on Sunday 27 March 2016.

It had to be BIG! So we suggested the foot of the Burj Khalifa and came up with the idea of tying in all the assets already in place – well had to provide value for money…  The Fountains, the 2 x jumbo LED screens beside the lake and then – why not – tie these screens into the LED’s on the Burj itself.

Alan Steluk did a superb job (as ever) on the set. Sharon Stansfield (with the help of Jan Ostrowski) created all the software. Fiona Pike, 2D design and Quentin Jarman (LD) were both superb. Howard Craig (TD) and Ryan Marginson (PM) looked after the very extensive Technical build and integration. Lovely Kate Mee (nee Bingham) was my right hand in all things. The lovely Paula Moore-Jones (who tragically passed away a year later) ran the large Logistics team. They, together with oh so many others from the UAE (the jk58 team, Richard and all at Eclipse, Al Laith, Andy and the Delta Team, Electra – plus all the freelancers – Sandra, Rolla, Charbel, Adnan, Mimi to name just a few that come to mind…) were brilliant. All worked so hard to make this happen.

The new logo animated on the Burj Khalifa (Photo by Neville Hopwood/Getty Images for Expo 2020)

Everything had to be kept completely secret. We could only use the fountains at certain hours. We could only access the screens (and the Burj) during the hours or darkness after everyone else had left and were tucked up in bed. Delta had minimal access to the public PA around the fountains…. so it went on and on…

Anyway it happened!

Her Excellency Reem Al Hashimi – as always captivating!

Her Excellency and His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum

One of the many renders produced by Designer Alan Streluk

Tough Mudder

2016 September 21
by Grenville

Help! I’m a 59 year old galloping to stay younger than my years, looking to do all those things that I though I could – should – have ticked off years ago.

So this is last ditch time…

Been in ‘training at Pinnacle with Fi Pocock (England Ladies Rugby team – Grrrr…) for a few weeks, so that I can get around a Tough Mudder course with a couple of others from Hamble Lifeboat.

We were just raising money for the Lifeboat


(It doesn’t receive any funds from the RNLI so its the Community of Hamble that supports this boat going out on average 100 times a year in all weathers to help others!)…

And then Alie died of MND. She was an old friend and one of the very best in the industry – and the events industry is just like a small family…

Motor Neurone Disease (MND) is incurable. In most cases the patient remains completely conscious of all around them whilst the body gives up. This includes the lungs. So for many you end up slowly drowning and unable to do anything about it. Its no wonder that some/many MND sufferers opt for euthanasia.

All About Alie was set up by Alie and her Family to fund research into a cure for MND

So in a way the Lifeboat and AAA are both trying to stop the same thing – people drowning.

So the plan is to run, limp, crawl around this course on Saturday and raise money – some monies at least – that can then be split evenly between the two.

Both worthy. Both heart breaking in so many ways.

Can you help…?

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